• Sweat-proof lightweight design and secure TripleLock fit.
  • Bluetooth wireless with 6-hour rechargeable battery.
  • Call, track and volume control via the in-line microphone and remote.


Experience the convenience and simplicity of the XTfree wireless sport earbuds, featuring Bluetooth functionality and TripleLock security to keep you motivated when running adn working out, all while your earbuds stay put.

Key Features

FitFin Tech
Leverages its unique shape to push against the curves of the ear - locking it in place.

StickyGels Tech
The unique shape and blend of the silicone gel grips the ear 30% better than regular gels when you start to sweat.

Sweat Resistant 
It's well known the sweat can slip through the cords and cracks of your gear, causing them to deteriorate the quality of your buds, or even stop working altogether. That's why the XTFree earbuds are sonically welded shut, blocking out sweat, rain, or other types of moisture that would otherwise ruin your gear.

Microsport Bluetooth

The XTfree earbuds won't hang heavy around the neck or ears, instead, the Bluetooth functionality is built into a low profile and lightweight earbud that delivers 6 hours of your motivational soundtrack non-stop.

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