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Ultra-Low Latency Wireless Transmitter for PLYR

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Delays can be deadly.

Latency affects all Bluetooth devices. Wireless gamers can experience delays of about 200 milliseconds which, in some games, can spell disaster. The Skullcandy Ultra-Low Latency Wireless Transmitter dramatically reduces latency for PC and PlayStation gamers — to as low as 20 milliseconds.

Win without wires.

The Ultra-Low Latency Wireless Transmitter is designed to work with Skullcandy’s PLYR headset. And, while our wireless transmitter is designed to decrease latency specifically on PC and PlayStation, PLYR provides the ultimate audio gaming experience on any platform — PC, PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and even mobile devices.

-Dual Platform (PC or PlayStation)

-Pairing Button with LED Indicator

-Ultra-Low Latency (20ms)

-Compatible with the PLYR Headset ONLY